Sunday, July 4, 2010

Big Move

Apologies for not posting the past couple of weeks, but we are in the process of moving from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. It's been a while in the works and the right opportunities arose.

To all my clients and colleagues at Equinox Santa Monica, and everyone else reading this I know in the area I thank you for being good friends. Believe me, I have learned as much from you as from any other source.

So two days until we hop in the car and drive north, where I will soon be working out of Edge Performance Fitness.

It's hard to tell from the website, but it's a beautiful, open facility with an as yet untapped large outdoor area (that will change very soon!). Having no machines nor mirrors, it's not the typical gym but is exactly what I want in a facility - one that encourages movement and health. I'll be bringing all my tools to the gym, so it will certainly be an adventure in getting acquainted with the community and building my network again.

I'll be posting soon with reports, pictures, and video of the new place.


Peter said...

Hey Chris,

Nice blog. Congrats on the move.

Portland is nice. I was there last Dec, good beer. With a little luck will be there again in the fall. So pencil in a beer this time in your schedule.


Roland said...

You are already missed!

It was great hanging, hiking, and moving stuff the past few days. I hope the drive goes fast and smooth and is filled with much In-N-Out.

hard.rox said...

Good luck with the move, Chris. Quite a change from LA, I'd say!!