Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reality Intervenes

A colleague forwarded this to me on Facebook so thought I would share. The title alone aludes to the seriousness of the issue of perception and illusions about our own condition:

Many Americans Don't Even Know They Are Fat

This quote says a lot concerning how effective the diet/fat loss industry has been:

Thirty percent of those in the "overweight" class believed they were actually normal size, while 70 percent of those classified as obese felt they were simply overweight. Among the heaviest group, the morbidly obese, almost 60 percent pegged themselves as obese, while another 39 percent considered themselves merely overweight.
These findings may help to explain why overweight and obesity rates in the United States continue to go up, experts say.
"While there are some people who have body images in line with their actual BMI, for many people they are not, and this may be where part of the problem lies," said Regina Corso, vice president of Harris Poll Solutions. "If they do not recognize the problem or don't recognize the severity of the problem, they are less likely to do something about it."

I see people in the gym all the time that may be unaware of issues they should be working on and how weight loss actually works. And these are the few that are motivated and aware enough to get off their asses and do something!

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