Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thanks for tuning into the Elemental Fitness Lab blog.

My name is Chris, and I'll be your humble host on this exploration of fitness, health, and the travails of life on this planet. Emphasis on fitness - but don't blame me if an odd rant or two finds it's way in here. Everything is connected and we are all one... maybe.

Currently I am training a great group of clients at Equinox Fitness just off the beach in Santa Monica, California. Yeah yeah yeah it's a "big box" gym I know, but it's better than any other in the area, and I'm pretty much left alone to experiment and train clients as I see fit - which is the theme of this blog.

If you are one of my clients - than I apologize for the constant pain. It's for your own good. 

As with anyone that has lifted weights or done any sport for an appreciable length of time I've gone through various stages in my quest for fitness knowledge, from standard bodybuilding-style training to a bodyweight only/martial arts diet, to sports specific training and so on. 

To summarize what I've learned: Everything works, but nothing works forever. Therefore my approach is always changing, yet the essential principles remain. 

To give you an idea of my approach check this article I contributed to on T-Nation: Stupid Things Young Guys Do In The Gym.

This is where we begin.

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