Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Blog Meat

I was too busy today to compose a longer post, as in between training clients I had to write programs (I sit down and assess each client's progress, then program out four to six weeks in advance)and also fill out my vote by mail ballot for the big election coming up on November 4th.

In case you haven't registered to vote yet due so now and do your duty as a citizen. I don't care who or what you support, just get as educated as possible on the national and local issues and vote.

Now for some blog meat to tide you over.

The November issues of Outside Magazine has a good article on Mark Twight's Gym Jones facility in Salt Lake City. There is even a mention of Dan John, one of the best strength coaches around. Dan's site is well worth exploring, and his Get Up Newsletter is always a great resource.

The article isn't online but there is a small video feature here of the author doing a Gym Jones-style workout.

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