Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everyone Is Doing It

Uh-oh, look who jumped on the bandwagon!

Lordy Lordy Lance is joining the Dangerball Cult. Makes climbing L'Alpe D'Huez seem like a piece of cake eh Lance? *wink*

Check out the latest copy of Men's Health for the article.

Relatedly I've been training for a fun little kettlebell competition coming up this weekend. Lifters around the world are going to be participating and uploading video and results - stay tuned for that.

Nothing like a little competition and concrete goals to push you. It really does make a difference, so get out and get involved.

My last kettlebell workout consisted of dynamic warmups and mobility work plus some 16kg kettlebell snatches.

A 5 minute set of snatches with the 24kg (53lb) bell for 30 reps each hand (I had torn the skin of both palms with week before so kept the snatch volume low).

A 7 minute set of 24kg one arm clean and jerks at a consistent 8-9 reps per minute (60 reps total).

2 minutes of 24kg swings for 60 reps
And finished off with some assistance work doing jerks with 2 16kg bells.

Sort of a tapering workout so we'll see what happens this weekend.

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