Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keeping It Simple II

Recently I was catching up with some friends and we were discussing what is essential in getting fitness results. Is it programming, having a trainer or training partner, intensity, nutrition, sleep, drinking NoXplode, or all of the above?

We decided it's drinking NoXplode bro!

Just kidding. You'd be better off using that stuff to scrub the toilet.

What I've found is that a person must enjoy what they are doing. Think about it, if you don't really enjoy your activity of choice you are likely going to find excuses for skipping it, for not eating supportively, or any other factor that impacts success. Ross Enamait writes here about finding your passion, be it weightlifting, running, or anything else.

I've found that it takes some people six months or more of consistent training to begin to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Eating well, getting more activity in, and so on. But the key is sticking with it long enough to begin to see results. Often those results are self-motivating and helps get you to the next step.

Some people don't enjoy being in the gym, so go outside. Some people like cardio, some lifting heavy. Just realize that often in order to improve our performance, and how we look, we need to do things that we might not enjoy. That's just how it is. But doing those hard exercises is going to boost your performance and ultimately help you hit your goals, just like anything else in life.

If it's your diet that is holding you back then pick up a healthy cookbook, plan meals ahead, and use Calorie King to track your eating. It may not be fun (at first) but is necessary.

And when you reach the point that you look forward to exercising and the feeling you get afterward, and enjoy eating healthy, you will be there.

Now, before I get off my soapbox check out this video of Fedor Emelianenko, who is widely regarded as the best fighter on the planet. Listen to his attitude concerning training.

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Alphadominance said...

I'm please to see you are sharing your wisdom with the world. Kudos friend.