Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fill It To The Brim. Or Not.

My friend Leigh Peele made this short video concerning common mistakes concerning counting calories and measuring your food.

And if you are someone that is trying to lose weight I can't overestimate the importance of knowing (not guessing) how much you are eating every day. Nobody wants to try and lose weight forever so you might as well go after it and get the results you want. After that it's all gravy (so to speak).

It's true you can't out train bad nutrition

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Alphadominance said...

My philosophy is eat high water content, high fiber, and nutrient dense foods and eat as much as I feel like. With this strategy, I lose weight unless I work to keep it up through exercise. Set the system up to work to your advantage when you are procrastinating and you will have an edge since we all do at times.