Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monster Dangerball

Valery Fedorenko, head coach of the American Kettlebell Club did a little demonstration at last week's Ahhhnold Fitness Expo in which he jerked a 132lb kettlebell for reps. 53 consecutive reps in fact.

Now, looking at Valery you wouldn't think he could lift 130lbs over his head even once, nevermind 53 times. He's not jack dieseled.

The key is an extremely high technical level, along with power/strength endurance developed through lots and lots of hours of training. Oh, and being strong doesn't hurt either.

Naturally if you come to my workshop this weekend you'll learn all the secrets to develop this beast-like power! And buy before midnight and you'll get a double special bonus!

Well, no. You won't be able to do that, nor is there any bonus other than enjoying lying in your own puddle of sweat.

So without further ado.


Roland said...


Wish I could make it up there for your training. Maybe the next one is in the cards.

Have a great session later!


Chris B said...

Anytime Roland!

Had a nice turnout for that one, including some from the "cardio kettlebell" classes.