Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Couple's Fitness Competition in 3 days

Just a reminder that the second Couple's Fitness Competition is happening this Saturday, June 13, from 9-11am on Santa Monica Beach next to the pier.

check out the site for more info and to register.

The new events this time are:

1. Max pullups and/or inverted rows in 60 seconds.
2. Kettlebell jerks. Guys use 2 bells, girls one. Max reps in 3 minutes. Your set ends when you put the bells down. Women will use 1 bell, and will switch hands only once.
3. med ball toss for distance
4. Leg matrix (12 jumping lunge, 12 jumping squats, 24 lunges, 24 squats) for time
5. Spiderman plank hold for max time
6. obstacle course (details super secret)

For those that haven't done timed sets of kettlebells this will be an education in technique, efficiency, and work capacity. I HIGHLY encourage you to check out the following video of some of the best kb lifter's being coached by the true elite of kettlebell sport lifting.

And this is how a one arm jerk should look. Note the leg dip as the bell goes up. She is NOT pressing it, but using her entire body thus saving energy which allows for more reps.

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Roland said...

See you on Saturday!