Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Couples Fitness Competition

The official announcement is here.

My colleague at Equinox, Luke Sniewski & I are organizing a fun fitness competition for couples taking place on Santa Monica Beach at the old Muscle Beach site on Saturday May 2nd.

Get info and register here:

The cost is $35 per couple, and 20% of proceeds go to charity (listed on the site).

Time is 9am-11am, so plenty of time to have some fun and get on with your day.

There will be 6 events, ranging from strength to power to endurance events that will test your overall fitness.

There will be plenty of prizes (each worth upwards of $100), so come down and join us for some fun sweating on the beach.

1 comment:

Galya Talkington said...

Tell me you are competing, cuz I am dying that I am not in CA. I would so ask Roland to do that together. You and your kick ass wife will be awesome!