Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reading List

A short post today in hopes that you'll click the links and read the articles.

The first is a recent article on problems one may run into regarding fitness advice coming from a medical doctor: What Your Doc Doesn't Know About Lifting.

In particular the common advice thrown out by doc that you shouldn't lift heavy weight, just do cardio etc... which anyone that reads this blog knows is pure crap. As the author points out most Docs have little to no real experience with weightlifting, nor are likely to further their education in this arena other than the little gotten during med school.

The other article to read concerns Crossfit, a fairly popular business model that alot of people talk about. This is a pretty even-handed article that succeeds in pointing out the pitfalls of the Crossfit philosophy.

Namely poor programming that will and does injure people, and likely won't produce good fat loss nor strength gains for most people.

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